As the first automotive brand worldwide, BMW is using Google Spotlight Stories technology for an innovative, 360° way of storytelling. Experience the BMW VISION NEXT 100 vehicle wherever you are and in whichever way you want. Interactivity is provided through sensors included in the smartphone (gyroscope, touch, etc.).

“Visionary” was jointly created by BMW, digital agency Jung von Matt and Google’s creative team ZOO. We designed and created all objects and environment, ensuring the balance between complexity and fluently.

To watch the show in full interactive 360° view, use the YouTube App on your device. For iOS, you have to download the Google Spotlight Stories App (https://goo.gl/eadPnO).


Client: BMW
Client contact: Christian Liedgens
Creative Agency: Jung von Matt
Executive Creative Director: Max Lederer
Creative Director: Jörg Meyer, Sven Loskill
CG Artist/Technical Lead: Matthias Grundl
Account Director: Julian Pankratz

CG Production: Sehsucht, Diemo Barz

Sound Production: Nikolai von Sallwitz



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