t:by Tetesept Creme

This is a series of TVC's for German company Tetesept
i created music and sound alongside a great team with 
Susi Sie, Heimat and Spellwork Pictures.
Most sounds were created analog with a fun variety of 
devices and instruments.
All moving colour clouds and dusts are created analog 
by Susi Sie and her team. 


Client: Tetesept
Agency: Heimat Berlin
Director, DoP: susisie.de
Assistant: Felix Neumann, Remo Gambacciani Producer: Lars Wagner
Music and Sound Design: Nikolai von Sallwitz 
Production: Spellwork
VFX Supervisor
DIT: elab
Tom Freitag, Sebastian Greese, Dennis Mielke, Sermed Darah
Silke Finger, Marcus Ruhmke, Conrad Ostwald, Benjamin Sugar
Producer: Lars Wagner



DDD_OFFF_Trailer_2018 flusxu_somnium nissan gaylen Mosayk
tex aspen pns lexus_lf30 freeletics
nissan spark audi_rs5_coupé mue Tetesept_Bath
AOD_Ballroom Brizo vitreous predator_evolution offf_MX
Stoneleigh Tetesept_Creme audi_rs3 Electronic_Beats_Festival_2015 electronicbeats
susi bmw_spotlight_stories predator94 donttextanddrive ozil
Adidas_Terrex nitrocharge MTV_World_Exclusive mini
Adidas_Predator_Instinct_Hunt Be_Berlin_Coriant chrysopoeia bmw_edrive Thoughts_of_Rome
stilllifeinacircle samsung_Galaxy_S6 n57s fleetwood therealbears
mtv bmw1 mydayschoices idn outsidecar
sensory_sky VoltRMX nicknight_flip silhouette
MTV_WEGL node itf Stupid honest
ugly itf